to HEALTHDEV Institute’s (HDI) Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Training. Started in 2007, HDI has one of the best and most comprohensive educational system for the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the Philippines.

Located inside the campus Ateneo de Manila University in Katipunan Ave, Quezon City the Institute offers a three tier training in TCM with a timetable that makes working and studying possible. The course, taught by highly qualified teachers, is accredited by the Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternantive Health Care by the DOH.

HDI’s Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Training has been providing TCM education for several years producing several batches of professional practitioners, knowledgeable and able to help out patients from all walks of life and from different regions of the country.

It is a progressive institution, established to promote the awareness, growth and development of alternative systems of healthcare, especially Traditional Chinese Medicine to health professionals.

The Institute’s purpose is to produce primary health care practitioners who practice their profession and TCM and Acupuncture in a safe, effective and responsible manner within the background and structure of the Philippine Health Care system.

The training delivered by the Institute is designed to empower graduates to serve the community in a variety of ways, such as through primary health care, ongoing education programs, and working alongside other healthcare professionals in various clinical settings.

The Institute provides an environment in which students develop a commitment to continuing self-education and self-fulfillment through service to others. Graduates are enabled to work in a professional and ethical manner and to raise community confidence in TCM.

Lecturers at the Institute have undergone formal clinical training in China, Australia, America and the Philippines. They have been in education and clinical practice in TCM, Complementary Medicine for many years. Some lecturers enjoy extensive recognition as frontrunners in their field.

Our teaching staffs flourish on the challenge of continuously improving by providing education services that are evidence-based, academically rigorous and integrative of theory and practice.

HDI hopes everyone that joins our TCM training will have memorable and productive time at the Institute.