Kapanidungan sa Kalusugan

Through the Project, HDI initiated the transformation of the health system of the province of Batanes, benefiting almost half of the province’s population and addressing more than 20,000 medical cases in a span of five years.

The Project, aptly titled Kapanidungan sa Kalusugan or Solidarity for Health, improved the structure of the Provincial Health Board and the local health boards—the supervisory bodies of the provincial and local health systems. The six local health boards were restructured to include representatives from their respective BHW organizations; while the Provincial Health Board now include the mayors and the Barangay Health Worker (BHW) Federation President. The Project also improved the management of the provincial and municipal health systems by the institutionalization of the three functions of health systems management: health planning, monitoring, and evaluation.


Objectives of the Project

The Project aims to provide quality health care that is affordable, accessible, and equitable. It hopes to be responsive to the health care needs of the residents of the Batanes. The objectives of the Project include:

  1. To create an enabling environment within the local government unit (LGU) structure that is capable of sustaining a SHI
  2. To install a SHI that is owned and managed by the Ivatans
  3. To integrate the SHI program with that of PHIC

Key Result Areas

  • An active provincial and local health system board with knowledge and skills in planning and management
  • A comprehensive health plan jointly developed/formulated by the stakeholders
  • Expressed commitment of the Mayors/Governors to implement the health plan


An integrated provincial social security system in Batanes that is interfaced with the National Health Insurance Program

  • Has the potential to benefiit all 15,000 Ivatans
  • Capability building for
    • 16 members of expanded provincial health board
    • 5 members of the social health insurance management team
    • 145 Barangay Health Workers
    • 30 members of the Local Health Boards in all 6 municipalities
    • 30 members of the Rural Health Units in all 6 municipalities

Apart from improving the provincial health system, the members themselves have experienced better inpatient and outpatient coverage through the Project’s Quality Assurance system.


The strong partnerships among the following stakeholders made the Social Health Insurance Project a success:

  • Kapanidungan sa Kalusugan (Inter-local Health Zone of Batanes)
    • Province of Batanes
    • All six municipalities
    • Kapanidungan Management
    • Batanes General Hospital
  • Federation of Barangay Health Workers
  • Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth)
  • German Technical Cooperation (GTZ)

Project Accomplishments

  • The social health insurance is economically viable.
  • The management team competently implements the program with minimal assistance.
  • System of operation of the SHI program is effective and efficient.
  • Integrated health system is established and operational.
  • Physicians are continuously deployed in local health care facilities.
  • A system for resource generation/ mobilization is developed.
  • Terms of partnership between Kapanidungan and PhilHealth are operational.
  • Stakeholders jointly undertake projects according to agreed upon roles and responsibilities.
  • Associations of BHWs are dynamic and have clear accountabilities in health development

Materials and Reources

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