Partnership with Kasagana-Ka Development Center, Inc and Canada Fund for Local Initiatives:

The project, is a tri-sectoral partnership initiative of HealthDev Institute, the Kasagana-Ka Development Center, Inc.(KDCI), and the Kasagana-Ka Mutual Benefit Association (K-MBA), in setting the foundation for and putting into motion a viable comprehensive health promotion and disease control/illness management model that could be linked to a network of government and private health facilities. It operates in the principle that Health is essentially a goal and not a commodity, thus the health program is envisioned to be –

  • an empowering process – “our health is in our hands”
  • comprehensive, addressing both preventive and curative dimensions
  • based on empirical data
  • participatory from data-gathering stage and the information generated is given back to the members for analysis

The target project partner beneficiaries are the organizational chapters of K-MBA whose main clientele are urban poor women in Antipolo City, Cainta, Taytay, San Mateo and Montalban in Rizal province, Caloocan City, Quezon City, as well as in 2 municipalities of Bulacan.

The first phase of the project involved baseline data-gathering which included two types of information –

  • Health Profile of the members based on physical and laboratory exams done on 1,532 (out of targeted 1,000) members who submitted themselves for the same and paid for it through loans from KDCI
  • Health seeking behavior of members including the families coping mechanisms in dealing with health crisis as culled from case vignettes documented on 7 out of targeted 15 members who experienced severe health crisis in their family as identified by the Branch managers based on their master-list of members who applied for loan for that reason.

It was also during this period when the selection and initial orientation of trainees as Health CAdETs, which stands for Community Advocates and Educators’ Team per K-MBA branch were done.